Arbortext Success Stories

Somero Enterprises Produces Higher Quality Documentation–50% Faster–Using Arbortext IsoDraw

The Leaders in Leveling now bring 3D CAD model graphics directly into technical publications–instead of drawing illustrations from scratch–saving time, effort and money. RAUCH GmbH Cuts Publishing Costs by 90% after Installing Arbortext IsoDraw from PTC With Arbortext IsoDraw, RAUCH has achieved tremendous savings in time and effort in their manual and assembly instructions process. In addition to reducing the workload of the engineering department, RAUCH has chopped the number of pages created for each manual, thus slicing the costs of publishing and translating. FNSS realized time savings of 70% in the illustration process by using Arbortext IsoDraw “We have been using Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation for 7-8 years. It has been the complete answer to our needs in preparing catalogs for ACV Operator, Maintenance Technical Manuals and Spare Part Catalogs. Being now able to use CAD drawings directly, getting high-quality illustrations and not having to create the same illustrations again, provided huge time and cost savings.” Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation Aids Ulrich Alber in their Commitment to Safe and Reliable Installation and Repair Practices “In my opinion, this is the greatest benefit of Arbortext IsoDraw: the fast creation of illustrations to scale with dimensions taken from the product. With a software directed less to the needs of Technical illustration, we could never meet with the deadline constraints.” -Rolf Bitzer, Ulrich Alber GmbH ASV Improves Efficiency up to 40% with Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE and Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation “Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation has improved our efficiency and illustration quality dramatically. It used to take 15 separate steps and 2 different applications to complete one parts illustration; now we use PTC products and narrow the 15 steps down to 9. We use Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation for our technical illustrations. Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE streamlines and simplifies the design process and analysis.” – Wes Lauzen Technical Writer, A.S.V., Inc

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