Introduction to Creo Schematics

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Date(s) - 14/01/2014 - 16/01/2014
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

PD Solutions Singapore Office


Introduction to Creo Schematics


Course Code: TRN-3912
Course Length: 3 Days

In this course, you will learn how to use Creo Schematics to create schematic diagrams for both electrical harness and piping designs. You will learn how to administer the Creo Schematics working environment, and how to configure the catalog library.

You will learn how to create functional block diagrams and block interconnect diagrams. You will learn how to create electrical circuit diagrams, and wiring diagrams, including wire interconnect diagrams. You will also learn how to create process and instrumentation design diagrams for piping systems.

Finally, you will learn how to use wiring diagrams and process and instrumentation design diagrams to configure 3-D harness designs and industrial piping designs created within Creo Parametric.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the 2-D schematic design processes for electrical harness designs and piping designs
  • Configure the Creo Schematics working environment
  • Create and configure the catalog library
  • Create functional block diagrams (including block interconnect diagrams)
  • Create circuit diagrams
  • Create wiring diagrams (including wire interconnect diagrams)
  • Create process and instrumentation design diagrams
  • Communicate diagram information to Creo Parametric


  • None


This course is intended for engineers involved in the schematic 2-D layout of either electrical
diagrams or piping diagrams


Course Content

Module 1. Introduction to Creo Schematics i. Electrical Diagram and Harness Design Process ii. Piping Design Process iii. Understanding Diagram Types iv. Understanding Creo Schematics Concepts and Terminology Knowledge Check Questions

Module 2. Configuring the Working Environment i. Understanding the Creo Schematics User Interface ii. Configuring Options and Switches iii. Configuring Colors Knowledge Check Questions

Module 3. Configuring Designs and Diagram Sheets i. Creating and Configuring Designs and Diagram Sheets ii. Configuring Grids iii. Configuring Layers iv. Configuring Location Sets Knowledge Check Questions

Module 4. Configuring Catalog Properties i. Configuring Object Types and Global Parameters ii. Configuring Derived Parameters Knowledge Check Questions

Module 5. Creating Design Templates and Template Sheets i. Creating and Configuring Template Sheets ii. Creating and Using Design Templates Knowledge Check Questions

Module 6. Using Creo Schematics Tools i. Using Selection Tools ii. Using Viewing Tools iii. Understanding Probe Specifier Tools Knowledge Check Questions

Module 7. Creating Catalog Artifacts i. Understanding Catalog Artifacts ii. Using Datatables and Datasets iii. Creating Ports iv. Creating Blocks v. Creating Fibers vi. Understanding Groupsii. Creating Groups viii. Creating Cables ix. Exporting and Importing Packages Knowledge Check Questions

Module 8. Creating and Configuring a Central Catalog i. Creating a Central Catalog ii. Managing Central Catalogs Knowledge Check Questions

Module 9. Reviewing Designs i. Using the Model Explorer Knowledge Check Questions

Module 10. Instancing and Manipulating Objects i. Instancing Objects ii. Manipulating Objects Knowledge Check Questions

Module 11. Creating Block Diagrams i. Creating Block Diagrams Knowledge Check Questions

Module 12. Creating Circuit Diagrams i. Creating Circuit Diagrams ii. Managing Signal Networks Knowledge Check Questions Module 13. Creating Wiring Diagrams i. Creating Wiring Diagrams Knowledge Check Questions

Module 14. Creating Interconnect Diagrams i. Understanding Interconnect Diagrams ii. Creating Block Interconnect Diagrams iii. Creating Wiring Interconnect Diagrams iv. Verifying Interconnect Diagrams Knowledge Check Questions

Module 15. Creating P&ID Diagrams

  1. Creating P&ID Diagrams
  2. Updating P&ID Diagrams

Knowledge Check Questions

Module 16. Using Schematic Design Data in Creo Parametric Harness and Piping Designs

  1. Transferring XML Data into 3-D Harness Designs
  2. Understanding 3-D Piping Design Approaches
  3. Transferring XML Data into 3-D Piping Designs
  4. Verifying Creo Schematics Design Data

Knowledge Check Questions

Module 17. Using Pro/Diagram Information

. Migrating Pro/DIAGRAM Schematics Knowledge Check Questions

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