Ford Executive Christopher Davey to Keynote at CPDA’s PLM Road Map™ 2010

Riverside, CT – For Immediate Release – Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA), a provider of critical analyses for PLM decisions, announces that Christopher Davey of Ford Motor Company will join Jim Tung of MathWorks and Michael Kennedy of Targeted Convergence as a keynote speaker at its annual PLM Road Map™ conference, to be held at The Inn at St. John’s, outside of Detroit, Michigan on September 28th and 29th.

The automotive industry is actively engaged in the process of re-defining itself from a traditional mechanical manufacturing mindset into an integrated, software intensive, mechatronic paradigm. This evolutionary transformation is being driven by the desire to deliver greater customer value, quality, safety, and innovation. This in-turn requires the efficient design, management, and delivery of software intensive customer features that are increasingly complex, distributed, and realized by globally sourced suppliers on multiple vehicle electronic control units. This evolving Mechatronic/Software Systems Engineering paradigm is driving the OEM to become highly efficient at defining, integrating, and validating hundreds of customer features built into thousands of vehicle series-variant combinations. The OEM must also maintain full visibility and accountability for customer features to support traditional dealership servicing; using software download technologies, as well as emerging customer web-based in-vehicle flash methods.

To deliver on this set of challenging engineering tasks requires a fully integrated and adaptable set of processes, methods, and tools supported with a solid PLM/ALM Infrastructure. In his keynote address, In-Vehicle Electrical and Software Management: Challenges and Opportunities, Chris Davey will provide an overview of some perspectives and solution methods being adopted within Ford Motor Company to address these exciting challenges.

About Christopher Davey, Senior Technical Leader, Ford Global Electrical & Electronic Systems Engineering

As a Senior Technical Leader at Ford, Chris Davey has over 20 years of real-time controls and embedded software experience across multiple automotive domains. Chris joined the Ford of Europe research group in 1985, initially working on multiplex wiring, driver alertness, and collision avoidance systems. He later concentrated on developing production control laws, dynamic vehicle models, and calibration guides for traction/stability control, idle speed/load accessory. In 1993 he joined the Ford North America PD – Powertrain Control Systems Engineering Group in Dearborn and developed embedded solutions for transient fuel control, purge compensation, and OBDII catalyst monitoring. He was the technical lead for the definition and adoption of Powertrain Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and represented Ford on several MBSE professional committees. Later he worked on the development and delivery of high integrity software systems such as electronic throttle controls and hybrid electric vehicle controls.

Chris moved into the Electrical & Electronic Systems Engineering group in 2003. During his time there he has developed and delivered a global in-vehicle software (IVS) release and management system that coordinated embedded software files delivery for in-plant flash, dealer upgrades, and web-based delivery to customers. He has also led the implementation of EESE’s global Hardware-in-the-Loop, Model Based Systems Engineering, and Software Quality Processes. He is currently leading the implementation of an ISO 26262 based Functional Safety Process, the global vehicle software and electrical management project, and serves as a technical advisor for the Ford AutoSar Strategy. Chris is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, has received two Henry Ford Technology Awards, and holds over 20 US patents.

About PLM Road Map™ 2010

PLM Road Map™ 2010 is a strategic conference focused on the next generation of PLM integration. Explore firsthand the progress, opportunities, and roadblocks currently confronting end-users.

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