Generating a MethodServer Thread Dump When Windchill is Configured as a Windows Service

When Windchill is configured as a Windows service JConsole is not able to connect directly to the ServerManager or MethodServer. This tip details an alternate technique to generate a thread dump of a method server that is running as a background process.

· In a Windchill shell run the below command to start JConsole and automatically connect to the ServerManager.

windchill wt.util.jmx.SMJconsole

· Select the MBeans tab

· In the left hand pane navigate to the MethodServer’s Dumper MBean.

For Java 1.5 (Windchill 9.0) navigate to the following MBean and then select the operationstab:
com.ptc > MethodServers > MethodServer.#### > com.ptc > Dumper

For Java 1.6 (Windchill 9.1) navigate to the following:
com.ptc > MethodServers > MethodServer.#### > com.ptc > Dumper Operations

· Generate a thread dump using one of the following buttons found on the Dumper MBean’s Operations page.

Note: #### is the MethodServer’s pid (process identifier). If Windchill is configured with more than one MethodServer (or a BackgroundMethodServer is enabled) each MethodServer will be listed with its own unique pid.

a. dumpFullStackTrace() – This option displays the thread dump in a pop-up window. Note that it’s not possible to copy from this pop-up window when using the Java SDK 1.5 JConsole. The Java SDK 1.6 JConsole supports selecting and copying to the clip board in the pop-up window.

b. emailFullStackTrace() – Use this option to email the thread dump if Windchill is configured with a SMTP mail server.

c. logFullStackTrace() – Use this option to log the thread dump.

When submitting a thread dump to tech support it is preferred to use the logFullStackTrace() button and provide the resulting MethodServerLog4j####.log file.

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