Is Pro/ENGINEER the Ideal 3D CAD Tool for Universities?

Not long ago, university-level mechanical engineering classes started out teaching drafting – by hand. Although this wasn’t the way products were designed in the manufacturing world, universities felt that drawing a product by hand – first, in 2D – would teach students the fundamentals of design, before moving into 3D computer-aided design (CAD). After all, that’s the way it had always been taught – until now.

Professor Raresh Pascali, who has taught mechanical engineering and 3D CAD at several engineering programs throughout the U.S. and is now a professor at the University of Houston, found that today’s students – who have been brought up with video games and complex computer graphics – already think in 3D. For them, it’s a native ability. Therefore, it’s easier for them to start out working with computers and designing in 3D.

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