New in Autovue Enterprise Visualization, Release 20.0

Oracle is pleased to announce the release of AutoVue 20.0

A significant release since the first major acquisition of Autovue by Oracle.  This has resulted in a huge improvement in the performance of AutoVue when it comes to speed, stability and memory management.


  • Work Offline mode
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Performance improvements for multi page MS Word files
  • Performance improvements for large MCAD & 3D AEC files
  • Web Services based Integration SDK
  • Align & scale drawings in 2D & EDA compare
  • Usage tracking for systems administrators
  • Enhanced 3D measurements & 3D section plane
  • Improved fidelity and extended format support for MCAD, 2D CAD & EDA files


  • Extend document visualization and collaboration to offline users
  • Scale visualization from desktops to the enterprise
  • Efficiently collaborate on all digital assets
  • Boost the value of existing enterprise systems
  • Improve business processes
  • Enhance capital projects and facilities operations with 3D Walkthrough

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