NIHON AUTOMOBILE COLLEGE adopted ThinkDesign to educate Mechanical Engineers for next generation Eco-Cars

NIHON AUTOMOBILE COLLEGE has chosen ‘ThinkDesign’ and ‘Reshape’ as teaching materials in its CAD classes for third and fourth level students.

NIHON AUTOMOBILE COLLEGE, also known as Nihon Automobile Technical School (NATS), is based in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It is a prestigious college specializing in the mechanical engineering of automobiles and motorcycles.

Mr. Hidenobu Hayashi, Director of the Education Department at NIHON AUTOMOBILE COLLEGE, comments on ThinkDesign as follows:

“I think that ThinkDesign will enhance the surface modeling and car exterior design skills of all students who attend CAD class at our college. It is obvious that an EV car with an Electric Motor needs less mechanical parts; this situation gives us more free space in a car for interior and exterior design. Therefore, in future there is the possibility for having more variations in design, and the skills for the product design (like the exterior design) will be as important as the mechanical skills.”

“The surface modeling functions provided by ThinkDesign and GSM3 provide freedom of creativity of automobile and motorcycle design. And skill with ThinkDesign will help during the transition period of automobile manufacturing when EV cars will become a mainstream of automobile society. My students will be experts in this field in near future.”

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