Oracle’s AutoVue Release 20.2 is now Available!




AutoVue release 20.2 continues to set the standard for enterprise level visualization with Augmented Business Visualization, a new paradigm which reconciles information and business data from multiple sources into a single view, providing rich and actionable visual decision-making environments on all platforms. The release also includes; capabilities that enhance end-to-end approval workflow; solutions to visually enable the mobile workforce on devices, such laptops and iPads; as well as timely support for the latest MCAD, ECAD and Office formats.

Release 20.2 also includes the following enhancements and capabilities:

  • Enhancements to the Augmented Business Visualization framework

o   Creation of 2D hotspots extended in 2D drawings, PDF and image files can now be defined as regional boxes, rather than just text strings

o   New 3D Hotspot links in models and drawings. Parts or components of 3D models can be selected to create hotspot links.

  • Enhanced end-to-end approval workflows with digital stamping and batch stamping improvements
  • Solutions that visually enable the mobile workforce and extend enterprise visualization to mobile devices, including iPads through OVDI (Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Enhancements to AutoVue enterprise readiness: reliability and performance improvements, as well as security enhancements which adhere to Oracle’s Software Security Assurance standards
  • Timely support for new MCAD, ECAD, and Office formats
  • Updated version of AutoVue Document Print Service offerings, which include the ability to select CAD layers for printing
  • Updated version of the AutoVue iSDK, which includes Web Services Interface sample code in .NET with Visual Studio project files
  • New Dutch language UI availability

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