Tips and Techniques April 2011

Faster Modeling: Relative Measure in 2D & 3D
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 17.0 Relative Measure geometry can be created quickly and directly without the help of additional construction lines.

Using Pro/PROGRAM to Replace Components in an Assembly
This tip describes the procedure for using Pro/PROGRAM to replace or exchange components in an assembly in Creo Elements/Pro 5.0.

Analyze Data with new Box Plots in Mathcad 15 and Prime 1.0
Analyze your data with new plots types introduced in Mathcad 15 and Prime 1.0. Here’s how to create a box plot, which provides an efficient way to quickly scan data and compare datasets.

Importing Data from Excel to Mathcad
Did you know that there are many different ways to import data from Excel to Mathcad? In Mathcad 15 and earlier versions, you can use the Excel Component or Data Import Wizard to import data.

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