moldexMoldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastics injection molding industry. Find out more

ANSYS Polyflow

ansys-polyflowANSYS Polyflow accelerates design while shrinking energy and raw material demands to make your manufacturing more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. R&D teams use this technology extensively to design and optimize processes such as extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, glass forming, fiber drawing and concrete shaping. Design engineers use Polyflow to minimize physical prototyping when manufacturing extrusion dies or to reduce thickness variation to improve the quality of thermoformed or blown products. Find out more


cast-designerCast-Designer is a software package special designed for casting business, includes the casting part design and evaluation,  mould design and validation and production optimization.  Find out more


form-advisorThe first increment-based design and CAE solution for sheet metal forming fully integrated with MCAD systems, providing most accurate and feasible results for automotive and progressive stamping. Find out more


geo-designerGeo-Designer, is a powerful upfront Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology. It accelerates the design process for functions, manufacturability, enabling designs to move to production better and faster. Compared with other traditional tools, Geo-Designer is powerful, flexible, fast and easy to use and provides savings in downstream costs by quality improvement at the design stage. Geo-Designer offer a new method to study the part geometry in 3D Iso-surface with flexible transparently, it is similar the x-ray and CT method in industrial.  Find out more