PTC Creo Simulate

 ptc-creo-simulatePTC Creo enables 3D virtual prototyping so you can test a range of structural and thermal properties of your design early in the detailed design process, before you make the first physical part. Find out more



A standalone high performance topology optimization software package Find out more

ANSYS Mechanical

 _-ansys-mechanicalStructural analysis with ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise provides robust general purpose stress, thermal, modal and fatigue simulations, greater engineering insight with advanced nonlinear stress simulations and comprehensive linear dynamics, and in-depth analysis of structure and coupled-field behavior in a highly productive, comprehensive simulation environment. Find out more

ANSYS DesignSpace

ansys-designspaceANSYS DesignSpace software is an easy-to-use simulation package that provides you with tools to conceptualize, design and validate your ideas right on the desktop using the same solver technology as ANSYS Mechanical. With DesignSpace, you don’t need to have advanced analysis knowledge to perform real-world static structural and thermal, dynamic, weight optimization, vibration mode, and safety factor simulations. Find out more


 ANSYS LS-DYNAANSYS LS-DYNA simulates the response of materials to short-duration severe loading. It is the most commonly used explicit simulation program, best suited for the experienced and highly technical user. LS-DYNA’s many elements, contact formulations, material models and other controls can be used to simulate complex models with control over all the details of the problem. Find out more

ANSYS nCode DesignLife

ansys-ncode-designlifeANSYS nCode DesignLife is an extension of ANSYS Mechanical for evaluating fatigue life. It uses the results of finite element analysis (FEA), from ANSYS Mechanical or other similar programs to calculate stresses and strains, then cumulates damage from exposure to repetitive loading to determine a product’s life. nCode DesignLife enables repeatable and reliable predictions of fatigue life. You can quickly evaluate the use of different materials and alternative geometries for new designs, and then optimize them for the product’s expected — usage long before the first prototype is built. Find out more