Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE Workshop

The Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE (Extended Edition) Package is the essential 3D CAD solution because it gives you exactly what you need: the most robust 3D product design toolset, that is the core of the industry’s only scalable product development platform.

As a design professional, you can’t afford CAD tools that compromise your product, process, or productivity. With the Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE, you never compromise because you have the exact tools you need to get the entire job done–accurately and quickly.

At this important half-day event (PM Session), you’ll discover first-hand the latest trends and tools at our workshop.

Find out how you can:

  • Quickly create the highest quality and most innovative products
  • Increase model quality, promote part reuse, and reduce model errors
  • Lower your costs by reducing new part number proliferation
  • Handle complex surfacing requirements with ease
  • Create great looking products with innovative shapes that are unattainable with other mid-range 3D CAD tools
  • Instantly connect to information and resources on the Internet – for a highly efficient product development process

Register Now for a Free Workshop!

See for yourself why it’s the most comprehensive, complete, and powerful CAM/CAE solution available perfectly suited to organizations of any size.

Time & Location:

Location Time
Penang, Malaysia 28 July, 2 p.m. till end.
Singapore 30 July, 2 p.m. till end.

**Workshops will be conducted in our office.
Seats are Limited and strictly no walk-ins.

For further enquiries please contact us at Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

**Admission is by approved registration only.
**Limited up to two registrations per company or division
**PDS reserve the right to the final decision regarding all registration matter.


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