Pro/ENGINEER – Q&A Topics March 2010

Question: How can we use step file in Pro/E Wildfire?
(Sudhir Kumar 03/14/2010)
I want use a .step file for modeling a part, but when i import it, i m nn more able to work on it, it appear in graphic window but u can’t use as a sketch for further modeling. and it also not showing any plane there. please help me.

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Question: How do I alter a dimension style in ProE?
(Matthew Neesley 03/17/2010)
I’m learning to use proE at school. I’m trying to create a 2D drawing from a part, but the dimension style is messed up. It is currently using commas instead of decimal points…how do I fix this?

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Question: Create model from drawing
(Ben Shep 03/23/2010)
I have AutoCAD drawings of a complex part which I have converted to Pro E drawings but I want to create a 3D model from the drawing. Is there anyway of doing this?

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