Pro/ENGINEER Success Stories

O-I Uses Pro/ENGINEER to Design Glass Containers that Define the World’s Top Brands
“With Pro/ENGINEER, I can get a mold cavity done in 15 to 20 minutes versus a couple of days’ work with our previous 2D CAD system. Mass properties, associativity, and the analytical capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER have all helped to reduce design time.” –Bob Pedder, Mold Design Manager, O-I

QFD Helps Create Market’s Most Comfortable PC Keyboard with Pro/ENGINEER

“Pro/ENGINEER parametric surfacing has no real competitor in the market as far as I’m concerned – and that was before [Pro/ENGINEER] ISDX even came into the picture.” – Peter Newbury, QFD Principal, QFD Consultants, Inc.

Pitzer Consulting Designs and Builds a Super Human Exoskeleton Using Pro/ENGINEER

“I’ve seen the struggles that other people go through with competitive [CAD/CAE] systems. Everybody tries to mimic Pro/ENGINEER Simulation capabilities, but they just can’t get there.” – Chuck Pitzer, Pitzer Consulting

Bosch Rexroth Heats Up Hydraulics Industry with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
“Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is a premium 3D CAD product that supports us in developing our own premium products and getting them to market faster. We’re impressed with the results we’ve seen to date and we look forward to working more with PTC solutions going forward.” – Markus Schmid, Designer, Bosch Rexroth in Elchingen

Optima Gets New Olympic Seat ‘Right the First Time’ with Pro/ENGINEER
“By taking advantage of the integration between Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica, we provided the mechanical design for the Eventa seat in half the time that would have normally been required. Each time we were ready to evaluate a new design, we simply changed the model and pushed a button to perform the analysis again.”
– Darren Forrest, Director, Optima Design Services

Pioneer Research Dives Deeper into 3D design with Pro/ENGINEER
“I think Pro/ENGINEER has made me a much better engineer. It provides a great check and balance for me. It’s exceptional for things like draft checks and part clearances. The way it helps you to design in 3D is very powerful; cross sections and views flow out of it effortlessly.” – Nate Bloch, Engineering Manager, Pioneer Research

Medtronic ENT Noses Ahead of Competition with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
“Now, with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, we don’t have to settle for a less ideal design.” – Joel Hembrock, Senior Designer and CAD Administrator, Medtronic ENT

Jena-Optronik’s New Fusion Reactor Core Draws Power from Pro/ENGINEER® Behavioral Modeling Tool
Jena-Optronik, one of the world’s leading companies specializing in optoelectronics for aerospace applications, was tasked with creating the core of the world’s largest light atomic fusion research device, which consists of 50 complexly formed magnetic coils of superconducting material that forms the magnetic cage. Using PTC’s 3D CAD solution, Pro/ENGINEER, and the fully integrated Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX) module, the team was able to simulate the assembly process virtually in 3D, then quickly analyze its behavior before optimizing its performance.

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