Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 Webcast Series: Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 Introduction Demo

Pro/INTRALINK is the premier workgroup data management solution for the design process using Pro/ENGINEER. With the launch of Pro/INTRALINK 9.1, PTC now provides a Web-based, scalable and easy-to-use solution that seamlessly manages all Pro/ENGINEER data relationships from conceptual sketches to 3D modeling to manufacturing. This Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 Demonstration previews this new solution including – the new UI, Pro/E data management, reporting, promotion, visualization, managing documentation and much more. This demonstration takes the perspective of three user groups typically involved in Product Development – Engineers, Enterprise Users and Administrators.

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The Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 Webcast Series explores the exciting new release of PTC’s next generation Pro/ENGINEER workgroup data management solution. Based upon the web-based, high performance Windchill architecture, Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 provides an integral connection between Pro/ ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK. This integration means that all Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 data processing is virtually transparent to the Pro/ENGINEER user. Additionally, engineers can perform common data management tasks with up to 40% less mouse clicks . Hosted by technical experts, these events offer valuable information about this groundbreaking release. During each webcast we’ll demonstrate the product, address some frequently asked questions and feature a live question and answer session.

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