PTC Announces Project Lightning, Aims for Ease of Use

Through the 1990’s, the mechanical CAD market was very dynamic, with much technology innovation as the parametric modeling approach became widely adopted. In the last decade however, radical innovation on the core modeling paradigms has diminished. New releases of CAD systems have focused on UI advancements, more automated capabilities and specialized modules. This has led to the characterization of CAD technology as “mature” and a “commodity.” But big problems remain in this critical area of product development. And where there are big problems, there is a big opportunity for innovation.

PTC is unveiling “Project Lightning,” its vision and strategy to define the mechanical CAD market for the next 20 years, address these most pressing problems, and deliver unprecedented gains to individuals and companies.

PTC alone, with its rich heritage and leading technology assets, is in a unique position to execute upon this vision.

PTC’s Project Lightning will:

  • Solve the big remaining problems in mechanical CAD including fundamental ease-of-use, interoperability, and assembly management
  • Take a fresh new approach to the solutions, while building on PTC’s unique existing assets
  • Deliver a scalable, interoperable, open, and easy to use set of mechanical design applications
  • Provide the right-size solution for each participant in the design process at the right time
  • Offer full upwards compatibility with the PTC products customers are using today (e.g., Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate, ProductView, Windchill)

pdfRead the strategy documents for more details

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