PTC Express 04-2010

Get Your BOMs in Order with Windchill 9.1 Advanced Table Editor
Windchill 9.1 Advanced Table Editor provides major improvements in product structure editing by making it possible to quickly see and edit BOMs in a matrix view while maintaining the security and traceability of the Windchill PDMLink environment.
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7 Tips for Improving Global Design Collaboration
These industry-proven methods, reinforced through a real-world case study, can improve your global collaborative design processes, and help deliver faster time to market, increased productivity and lower costs.

Inside Mathcad Series
Programming, Solving, and ODE Solvers
Download free E-books to extend your knowledge about Mathcad functionality.
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Creating Separate Access Control Rules for Content and Metadata in Windchill 9.0
In Windchill 9.0 it is possible to specify different access control policies for metadata and content. This additional granularity of access control is useful in several ways.
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Obtaining the Real Structural Results of Plastic Deformation in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0
See how Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Advanced Mechanica lets you define materials capable of handling plastic deformation.
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Mathcad: Floating Point Calculations in Symbolics
Use symbolics to get floating-point precision in your results.
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Mathcad: Iterate a Parameter in a Minimize or Maximize Solve Block
Optimize the volume of a column by parameterizing the constraints in a solve block.
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