Simulation Solutions Day 2010 – Report

Singapore, 7 June 2010, – Conducted in two countries, the recent seminar attracted delegates from various industries curious to find out about the latest simulation solutions.

Software Keynote Speakers from all around the world came to showcase their latest simulation technologies for different applications.

PD Solutions’ Simulation event with its tagline “Integrated Technologies for Simulation Driven Design” lived up to its promise of providing an exciting array of multiple solutions for product development applications, namely:

  • NEi Nastran: Structural Finite Element Analysis
  • FloEFD: Concurrent CFD for Flow and Thermal Simulation
  • FloTHERM: Thermal Design Optimization for Electronics and Semiconductors
  • FloVENT: Flow and Thermal Simulation for Building HVAC Design
  • JMAG: Simulation Technology for Electromechanical Design
  • Flownex: System Level Flow and Thermal Simulation
  • TracePro: 3D Raytracing for Optical Systems and Lighting Design

The following major Hardware Solutions Providers supported and presented their latest technologies in this event:

  • Dell - Your Performance with Dell Precision Workstations
  • NVIDIA – The Future of Computing – CUDA
  • HP – Innovation with HP Workstations

Feedback from satisfied delegates at Simulations Solutions Day 2010 includes the following:

  • Very Good and Informative and beneficial for me!
  • Very Well Organized, Well Done!
  • Interesting sharing on CAE Solutions
  • Job Well Done and good Presentation Material!
  • I am loving it! This is a very good event and has benefitted me a lot!
  • Good and useful information

Following this event, PD Solutions will be conducting a series of hands-on workshops with the latest updates, techniques and tips.

For more information on Simulation softwares please visit PD Simulations

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