TUTORIAL: Create Boundary Blend Surface with Inner Boundaries in Pro/E Wildfire

Boundary blend is one of the advanced surface features (parametric surface) in Pro/ENGINEER. Boundary blend feature can be created from 2 boundaries / curves and onwards. This tutorial show you on how to create boundary blend surface from 4 boundaries and 2 inner curves.

Download the Pro/E part file used in the following boundary blend tutorial here (Pro/E boundary blend with inner curves )

1. Open the downloaded boundary_blends_inner_start.prt file and resumes the suppressed features.

2. Click Insert > Boundary Blend Tool from the top menu or alternatively hits the boundary blend icon from the default icon list.

The boundary blend dashboard appears.

3. By default, you are requested for the 1st direction boundaries / curves input. Pick the curves as shown in the image below. You should notice that Pro/E boundary blend tool comes with the light weight preview which shows you the result before complete the steps.

4. Next, we are going to select the boundaries for 2nd direction. Before that, press and hold the RMB, choose ‘Second Direction Curves’ from the context sensitive drop down menu.

5. Pick the 2nd direction as shown in the image below.

6. We are done with the tutorial, click the check mark Pro/E Wildfire Boundary Blend Surface dashboard check on the boundary blend dashboard to confirm.

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