White Paper: PIM in the Cloud

Executive summary: Match the technology to your business needs

At Newforma, we are often asked when we are going to put our industry-leading PIM solution “in the cloud.” The simple answer is that it is already there. It’s running on Amazon Web Services servers in North America, Europe and Asia. But let’s step back and examine the questi on more closely.

Our philosophy is that there is no single technology platform for project delivery. Different platforms are required to support different use cases, to optimize different work processes, and to manage a constantly evolving, federated project dataset, some of which exists on-premise, some of which may be located in the cloud, and the remainder of which resides in the offices of other project team members.

Evaluating hosted versus on-premise software solutions can be a complex task, but choosing the deployment strategy first, before thoughtful consideration of the business drivers behind that technology deployment, is nearly always guaranteed to produce a suboptimal result.


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