Why Does Marketing Need CAD Content?

  1. The buying process has changed
  2. Reach the real decision maker at the most relevant time.
  3. Reach new customers.
  4. Increase existing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Simplify the sales process.
  6. Generate low-cost, high-quality sales lead
  7. Obtain a competitive advantage.
  8. Lower costs.
  9. Enhance your distribution channel.
  10. CAD Download leads cost ~90% less, convert faster and convert in higher proportion than traditional marketing generated sales leads!


  • The buying process has changed. Customers now usually research online before contacting a supplier or sales person. As a result, marketing departments must influence that research with suitable online content that is easily found and downloadable.
  • “CAD downloads may be the most efficient online marketing tool available” – if you manufacture or distribute industrial components then offering free CAD downloads from your web site is the best method available for influencing buying decisions.
  • Today you can achieve this using a hosted solution with no software or hardware purchases. CAD downloads do not replace traditional marketing, they augment it. Traditional marketing vehicles, as well as online keywords search engines like 3Dmodelspace.com are the means to inform potential customers about 3D CAD downloads available from your web site.

By John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions. See the full reasons here ProECommunity

For more information: www.catalogdatasolutions.com


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