Windchill 9.1 M050 QMS

Windchill 9.1 M050 QMS – CAPA is now available for download. Note: Currently this release is only visible on the download site via the NETREGULUS NETRM product dropdown.

For details on this release, see the Customer Service web page. Here are the links to the latest Read This First (RTF) documents for this release:

9.1 M050 Content Overview
9.1 M050 Windchill Read This First

Windchill QMS–CAPA: A new optional Windchill module for CAPA (Corrective Action / Preventative Action) management is now available. This new integral Windchill module allows customers to manage Corrective and Preventive Action quality records directly inside of Windchill. (Releasing asynchronously after 9.1 M050)

Highlights of this new module include:

A quality focused user experience and operational paradigm:

  • Seamless integration with Windchill PDMLink creates a single source of truth for quality and PLM artifacts.
  • User interaction and navigation follows industry common language & process.
  • Quick access features designed for light touch users.
  • Easy access to complete Quality Records directly from Windchill workflow tasks.
  • CAPA investigation with integrated risk analysis and root cause codification.

Seamlessly integrated with Windchill PDMLink BOM and Change Management:

  • Ability to enter and process a CAPA action to change a subpart.
  • Ability to enter and process a CAPA action to change an end item.
  • Ability to view CAPAs associated with parts or documents directly from related parts.
  • Ability to view changes associated with parts included in a CAPA from the CAPA record.

Key supporting features include:

  • Ability to run adhoc reports without knowledge of object or data structures.
  • Simple end user interface to access data for trending and analysis.
  • Ability to output data queries in a variety of formats, including PDF, text, and HTML.
  • Ability to store and record external people or places related to quality records.

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