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Design Smart with PTC Creo

Design faster and smarter by connecting your digital design to your physical products.

Better Design with Ansys

Better Design With ANSYS

World leading simulation suite, ANSYS provides solutions that meets every simulation needs. 

PTC Robot

Industrial Iot Solutions

Leverage industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to drive innovation and build a smart enterprise.

physical & digital covergence with augmented reality

Physical & Digital Convergence with Augmented Reality

Experience Augmented Reality through Microsoft Hololens using Thingworx Studio

moldex 3d

Injection Molding with Moldex3D

With the best-in-class analysis technology, Moldex3D can help you carry out in-depth simulation of the widest range of injection molding processes.

Product planning & execution Siemens

Product Planning & Execution

Simatic IT Preactor is the solution for complex production scheduling and planning.   An easy to use tool to optimize planning. 

Embark on the journey of IoT with Thingworx

Embark on the Journey of loT with PTC Thingworx

With PTC Thingworx IoT platform, your IoT implementation cycle will be greatly reduced due to the out-of-the-box capabilities which is easy to adopt. 

6Sigma DCX - the answer to data centre simulation

The Answer to Data Centre Simulation

Data centre operations can be optimized starting from design.   With 6SigmaDCX simulation, operations efficiency can be achieved


3D CAD software is a must-have tool to have in most enterprises to reduce fatal flaws in design that may show up during production. Used for mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing, Creo’s 3D CAD capabilities include direct and robust assembly modelling and detailed documentation drawings on one, integral, scalable platform. Check out PTC Creo Essentials, PTC Creo Elements, PTC Creo View, PTC Creo Illustrate, PTC Creo Layout, PTC Creo Schematics & NCG CAM.

IOT / Augment Reality
Engineering Tools
Production Planning & Execution

Certified Training Partner

for CREO, ANSYS, MOLDEX3D, ProTOp and others


CAD designing

What is CAD Software and how can it help your business?

CAD Designing is a 5+ billion-dollar market and its value is going to be doubled up by 2023. With CAD Systems finding more and more applications in different industries, the number of 3-D computer-aided design firms and professionals is increasing too. Are you not yet using it for your business? Well, you should. Let us introduce you to CAD and its importance for your business. What is CAD? CAD, or Computer Aided Design, Software are for creating 2D and 3D drawings. You can prepare technical documentation, modify designs, analysis existing designs, optimization designs and do more such tasks with it.Read More...
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Internet-of-Things 10 solution

10 IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions for Industrial Needs

IoT, or Internet of Things, is speedily taking over the technology world. It has the potential to enable the disruptive transformation of any business or industry. This potential of the Internet of Things resulted in the emergence of a new branch of this technology, i.e. IIoT (Industrial IoT). Do you understand the difference between IoT and IIoT if you need this technology for industrial purpose? Well, let us clarify. While IoT is about connecting devices, appliances, vehicles, homes and everything else digitally, IIoT focuses on a specialized area. Dedicated to service industries and businesses, IIoT applications need to be moreRead More...
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plm software featured image

PLM Software System – How It Can Help In Creating A Robust Product

Product lifecycle management Software, or PLM Software, is used for handling complicated product learning, collaboration, manufacturing and engineering workflows. It helps the companies or enterprises improve the quality, data, and processes and more aspects related to a product’s lifecycle. Overall, this tool is crucial for launching a robust product. In this article, we will discuss the benefits above and a comprehensive guide about what is PLM software and the necessities for any business to make its products booming in the market. Role of PLM Software in Product Development PLM is correlated with production, but the administration arrangement can also beRead More...
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10 Specialised Software For Engineering and Manufacturing

10 Specialized Software for Engineering & Manufacturing Companies

Do you belong to the engineering and manufacturing industry? If that’s a yes, you definitely need several types of specialised softwares to automate the growth of your business. From drafting designs to creating new products, crafting blueprints and more such tasks – the market has many good tools to ease the work for you. Here are the top 10 types of specialised Software for Engineering & Manufacturing Companies which you need: Electronics Simulation Software An Electronic Simulation Software enables you to simulate mathematical formulas and circuits without an actual setup. With precise inputs, the simulated circuit diagrams are easier to checkRead More...
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PD Solutions was founded in 2003 has expanded rapidly with offices and certified training centres in Singapore, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. Founded by Mr Tay Ming Hui – the former Senior Regional Director of PTC for the ASEAN/Australia region, PD Solutions provides CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM solutions to its customers through value added services like Software deployments, consulting and trainings. PD Solutions comprises of a strong and dynamic team of experts from various fields. With its vast experience and expertise, PD Solutions has added value to a broad spectrum of companies ranging from small and medium enterprises to global MNCs.

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