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Realizing the Digital Twin for Data Centre Design and Operations

As a data centre designer or operator, you’ll be familiar with many of the following challenges in your everyday work:

  • Choice of room layout, cooling and containment
  • Allocating IT loads between cabinets
  • Avoiding ‘Stranded Capacity’ (unusable space/power)
  • Ensuring maximum availability and resiliency
  • Optimizing data centre efficiency (DCIE/PUE)
  • Planning for equipment refreshes and maintenance
  • Conducting ‘What if’ studies for equipment failures
  • Ensuring compliance with SLA’s and relevant standards

Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical system. Combining 3D simulation seamlessly with sensor data it allows the virtual entity to be synchronized with its physical counterpart, and can be used both to optimize efficiency and investigate actual or potential problems. This powerful technology can now be applied to data centres too.

Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDCX software is the industry leader for CFD simulation of data centres, and covers operations planning as well as the initial design and layout. It allows the study of airflow, cooling and power distribution, both inside and outside the data hall. It can be linked with DCIM tools to automate the model build, synchronize with the installed equipment, and compare simulated results to the actual sensor data.


  • 3:00        Introduction to Future Facilities & 6SigmaDCX
  • 3:15        State of the Art in Data Centre Simulation
  • 4:00        The Digital Twin for Planning & Operations
  • 4:45        Q&A
  • 5:00        Close

Who Should Attend?

  • Data Centre Designers & Consultants
  • Data Centre Operators & Colocators
  • IT & Facilities Managers
  • Operations Planners
  • HVAC Engineers

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