Ansys Simulation World 2021 | APAC | 21 – 22 Apr

Ansys Simulation World | 21 - 22 April

Ansys Simulation World 2021

Book your calendar now! APAC | 21 - 22 April | 10.30 Am - 4.30 PM

Following a record setting inaugural event in 2020, this live virtual event is back. Ansys Simulation World 2021 is designed to inspire and educate executives, engineers, R&D and manufacturing professionals about the transformative powers of engineering simulation and Ansys.

Book a spot now in this world’s largest engineering simulation conference and experience inspirational keynotes from change-making leaders, thought provoking breakout sessions and Ansys expert-guided training all for free from 21 – 22 April 2021, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm.



Ansys Simulation World 2021 | Featured Program Tracks

Executive – Explores key challenges, trends and breakthroughs in engineering simulation. Attendees will understand the game-changing benefits of simulation and learn why it is an imperative in the modern product development process.

Leadership –¬†Speakers will discuss how simulation and organizations using Ansys can help to transform our planet. Attendees will hear from leaders on key topics including sustainability, business transformation, diversity and inclusion and the post COVID-19 business environment.

Academia –¬†Hear from professors, educators and students on the role simulation, materials education and collaborative research have played in their success in meeting challenges head-on and solving the unsolvable.

Ansys Simulation World 2021 | Featured Tracks

Autonomy & Automotive –¬†Demonstrating that autonomous vehicles are safe is the critical engineering challenge addressed by focusing on safety by design and safety by validation. Simulation is not only essential for speeding up the pace of innovation but also to test and validate advanced software-based functionalities in modern automobiles.

Cloud –¬†The pandemic and the resulting remote work have made¬†Cloud-first digital transformation one of the top initiatives for CIOs. The need to enable more simulations to address growing challenges of product complexity and shorter time to market while still managing costs is accelerating the increasing adoption of high performance computing (HPC) in public cloud.

Digital Mission Engineering – Presentations will explore the value of using computer-based modelling, simulation, and analysis software tools to evaluate operational outcomes.

Ansys Simulation World 2021 | Featured Program Tracks

Digital Transformation:¬†Accelerate –¬†Combining simulation, process and materials data management with cutting edge technologies such as cloud and HPC, automated workflows and multi-physics analysis help organizations leverage and amplify and accelerate digital transformation.

Digital Transformation: Applied РEnabling organizations across industries to utilize simulation in delivering innovation and accelerating time to market while mitigating risk in engineering the next phases of communications, transportation and mobility, the new energy paradigm, the in silico medicine revolution and advanced materials systems.

Electrification – Adapt to the demands of electrically powered systems and overcome critical cost, performance and safety challenges is key to advancing the race for fully electric transportation and mobility on land, sea and air.

Ansys Simulation World 2021 | Featured Program Tracks

5G Connectivity РAccelerate the deployment of next-generation communications systems to ensure the underlying complexities of autonomous vehicles, internet of things and intelligence communications are proven reliable, energy efficient and functional in electrically large and complex environments.

Solutions Showcase РEnjoy these featured demonstrations, highlights, and learn more about the ways simulation can expedite your go-to-market time, reduce development costs, and increase your product safety and reliability in this solutions showcase.

Tips and Tricks – Offering quick insights of the latest release, quick tools and solutions you may have never known, and methods for optimizing your simulations, Ansys solution developers and engineers will open your eyes to the tools you already use and how you can better engineer what’s ahead.

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