Upcoming Moldex3D Live Webinars 2021 | Apr – Jun Schedule

Upcoming Moldex3D Live Webinars 2021 | Apr - Jun Schedule 1

Moldex3D Webinars | Apr - Jun

Moldex3D hosts monthly webinars on a range of topics. From the basics of injection molding analysis, advanced molding simulation skills to tips and tricks that speak to the common challenges facing our users. We hope that you can walk away from these sessions with new ideas on how to put simulation into practice and make an immediate impact on your design and manufacturing.

Smart Simulation Data Storage and Management

28 April 2021, Wednesday, 4 PM SGT
In this webinar, we will share the iSLM management platform. The platform is designed for plastic injection molding industry and used for mange the tasks and data from part design, mold design, and on-site mold tryout jobs. People can manage the development process and task data and also share the information through iSLM platform. People can get better collaboration in teamwork by iSLM platform.

What’s New in Moldex3D 2021

12 May 2021, Wednesday, 4 PM SGT
Moldex3D 2021 has just been released! This latest version greatly improves the software calculation speed and the accuracy of warpage prediction. What’s more, Moldex3D 2021 enhances the software usability to bring smart manufacturing to the next level. Join this webinar to explore more molding possibilities brought by Moldex3D 2021.

Moldex3D Compression Molding Capabilities

26 May 2021, Wednesday, 4 PM SGT
This year, Moldex3D launched a more powerful mesh tool to generate the compression zone. Join us to discover the capabilities and the benefits of compression molding analysis in Moldex3D!

Benefiting from Moldex3D Material Lab

9 June 2021, Wednesday, 4 PM SGT
Material properties data plays a significant role in obtaining accurate injection molding simulation results. In this webinar, our expert will present the latest material testing methods, testing equipment, services, and resources available in Moldex3D Material Research Center that fulfill the growing demand for material testing and evaluation.

Enhanced CAD & Mesh Tools in Moldex3D Studio 2021

23 June 2021, Wednesday, 4 PM SGT
In CAE, the first and most important thing is meshing. The latest Moldex3D Studio is equipped with various CAD and meshing tools to help user modify and change part surface more easily. These tools provide a seamless and effortless workflow to generate Surface & Solid mesh.

Join us to explore more advantages brought by the new CAD and meshing tools in the latest Moldex3D Studio.

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