Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 1

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0

For industries like engineering, precision is constant, and excellence is expected. In your everyday scheduling of large-scale operations, you may meet with potential issues such as:

  • Urgent or priority orders
  • Shortage of resources or manpower
  • Shorter delivery lead time
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Equipment constraints
  • Any other unforeseen circumstances

It is already difficult for one to manage manufacturing priorities and building capacity, much less having to deal with scheduling problems.

However, with the aid of Advanced Production Scheduling Software (APS), you will be able to maximise efficiency in your everyday dealings. The Siemens OpCenter solution promises easier access and management. The benefits include of using Siemens OpCenter APS are:

  • Built-in detailed templates and schedules
  • Potential integration with Material Requirements Programs (MRP) to coordinate resource allocation
  • Advanced features for higher precision – visualisation, automated date-scheduling, constraint modelling

Join this webinar to learn about this solution that will prove critical to a successful manufacturing operation and more.

Key Takeaways

What you will discover:

  • How to do faster scheduling considering constraints and production logic
  • Quick rescheduling in case of ad-hoc difficulties
  • Precise material and operator planning
  • How to increase productivity by minimizing changeover
  • Swift decision making from reports


Save the Date

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 2 21 July 2021, Wednesday , 2.00 PM SGT
Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 3 Zoom Webinar
Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 4 This webinar is aimed at Production Planners, Production Managers, Operation Managers, IT Managers and General Managers, and all other professions where planning and scheduling is a familiar sight and constant worry.


Our Speakers

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 5 Hilary Wong
Business Development Manager
Product Development Solutions Pte Ltd

Hilary joined PD Solutions in 2013 as the Account Sales Manager and has been engaging with customers in design, engineering and manufacturing industries. Understanding their business operation challenges and working with PD Solutions’ technical team in proposing the right solution to help solve customers’ pain points. Her portfolio has since expanded into marketing and business development, building continuous communication through social media, creating awareness for customers and new prospects as well as collaborating with organizations and partners to expand the network and develop growth opportunities for the organization.

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 6 Anand Kumar
Technical Manager
Product Development Solutions Pte Ltd

Anand joined PD Solutions as the Technical Manager in 2017 and has 8 years of experience in the implementation of APS for the manufacturing sector in various industries such as F&B, Automotive, Aerospace and Steel including integration with ERP systems. With his knowledge of manufacturing and industrial engineering techniques, he has helped companies digitalize their manual scheduling in a structured way, enabling customers to gain benefits in productivity improvement, allowing faster response to their customers. His most recent projects completion in Singapore has been with Makino Asia, AMT and Coca-Cola.

Event Agenda

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 7

Smart Scheduling for Industry 4.0 | 21 Jul 8


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