OMRON-TP SkillsFuture Queen Bee Programme 2022 | Mar & May Schedule

OMRON-TP SkillsFuture Queen Bee Programme 2022 | Mar & May Schedule 1

TP SkillsFuture Workshops

OMRON-TP SkillsFuture Queen Bee Programme

A list of specially curated short industry-relevant training programme that focuses on emerging skills.

The workshops aim to help you to:

  • Evaluate and deploy Industrial IoT, robotics and automation solutions
  • Develop immersive training packages with AR technologies
  • Implement practical AI solutions for productivity gain


The workshops features:

  • Strong industry presence with relevant domain experts, industrial speakers and qualified trainers
  • Conducive and well-equipped training facilities
  • Seamless administration of the training sponsorship from the government
  • Negotiable and flexible training schedules and arrangements
  • Customized pre and post-training program support (skill gap analyses and project implementation roadmap)


Workshop Details

Date & Time 24 & 25 March 2022, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Registration Deadline: 24 February 2022)
12 & 13 May 2022, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Registration Deadline: 12 April 2022)
Venue Temasek Polytechnic 
Participants This webinar is for Engineers, Technology Specialists and Singaporeans who are keen to either gain a basic understanding or deepen their skills in these emerging areas. Learners can be of different skills proficiency backgrounds and benefit from the 3 proficiency levels in the programmes, namely Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


Programme Structure

  • Structured Training
    • 5 available courses to choose from (Select 1 option)
    • Refer to Course Overview below for more information
  • Learning Journey to a Model Factory
  • Skill Coaching by Industry Coaches


Course Overview (Select 1 Option)

Industrial Automation Industrial Automation in Practice (Basic)
Participants will be able to design automation solutions in the advanced automation sector with the widely adopted OMRON machine controllers.
IoT Dashboard IoT Dashboard in Practice (Basic)
Participants will learn to use ThingWorx Foundation as a platform to create a model to interface with smart and connected ‘Things’.
Augmented Reality for Enhancing Work Productivity Augmented Reality for Enhancing Work Productivity (Intermediate)
Participants will be using Vuforia Studio as a platform that transforms the existing CAD and IoT data into rich Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.
Autonomous Robotics Autonomous Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing (Intermediate)
Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create and write robot motion programme in V+ as well as test advanced robot programs.
Practical AI Practical AI in Manufacturing (Basic)
Participants will be equipped with the technical skills to apply machine learning algorithms and deploy practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.

These are small group training and seats are limited!
Please select one option and click on it to gain access to more course details!
Contact for enquiries and registration. 

Programme Video

Get a glimpse of the courses conducted in November 2021!


Jointly presented by:

Temasek Poly | Omron | PD Solutions