10 Important IoT Solutions for Industrial Needs

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IoT, or Internet of Things, is speedily taking over the technology world.

IoT Solutions have the potential to enable the disruptive transformation of any business or industry.

This potential of the Internet of Things resulted in the emergence of a new branch of this technology, i.e. IIoT (Industrial IoT).

Difference Between IoT and IIoT

Do you understand the difference between IoT and IIoT if you need this technology for industrial purpose?

Well, let us clarify.

While IoT is about connecting devices, appliances, vehicles, homes and everything else digitally, IIoT focuses on a specialized area.

Dedicated to service industries and businesses, IIoT applications need to be more robust, flexible, secure, interoperable, reliable, serviceable and precise than normal IoT solutions.

What Are the IoT Solutions for Your Industrial Needs?

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In this article, we have listed 10 IoT (Internet of Things) software, built especially for your Industrial needs:

  1. ThingWorx Industrial IoT

    It is probably the best Industrial IoT solution for enterprises. Using this platform, you will be able to create, deploy, test and build feature-rich IoT solutions.

    Not only secure, but it is also very much scalable and lets you build solutions faster. You can rely on ThingWorx for building performance-critical solutions too.

    ThingWorx Foundation has built this end-to-end technology platform to provide seamless connectivity to your customers.

    Its connected servers, device cloud adapters and integration framework connectors keep it efficient for businesses.

  2. Samsara

    Industrial IoT data platform, Samsara is a perfect solution to monitor energy consumption, asset utilization and devices.

    It is especially useful for the companies which need to track their assets in real-time, e.g. fleets, delivery services, etc.

    AI-based video safety, GPS tracking, and trailer tracking are some of the features this platform offers to businesses.

    Letting you remotely monitor your assets efficiently, it helps your business improve safety, quality, timeliness, and precision of services.

  3. Particle

    Particle is an all-in-one IoT platform which provides IoT hardware, connectivity, cloud, and apps, which means – everything.

    It’s the fully-managed and secure infrastructure is scalable too. Famous among developers, this platform is being used by thousands of developers at present.

    You can build and deploy IoT products for enterprises as well as startups using Particle. It can lay the foundation of innovative IoT solutions, connecting IoT devices to your IoT system.

  4. Hologram

    Cellular connectivity platform Hologram offers global cellular connectivity for the IoT devices.

    With their global SIM card, you can get seamless coverage in all countries of the world. It can help multiple types of businesses in setting up highly-connected networks.

    For Example – This solution is excellent for fleet management if you are running a transportation business. Similarly, food delivery businesses can leverage from Hologram’s SIMs too.

    The company also offers its developer connectivity tools to help you launch your well-connected IoT products easily.

  5. Cujo AI

    Cujo AI is a network intelligence solution, which utilizes cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to secure networks.

    The platform offers device identification, AI security, digital Parenting and network analytics facilities with personalized customer experience.

    With its deployment, your end-users can leverage all benefits of secured connected networks. It is efficient at discovering and preventing the attempts of DDoS, phishing and Malware attacks.

  6. Prodea

    This IoT solution is specifically for connecting brands to their customers. Companies can launch IoT-based programs and connected products through Prodea.

    The data collected through these programs and products can then be used to evolve user experience for end-users.

    The cloud-based IoT platform has helped numerous global brands to increase market opportunities and digitize their business better.

  7. Flex

    Flex is a product design company. They build intelligent solutions for a diverse range of industries.

    The company lets its customers ‘sketch’ the idea, from where they execute it and convert it into a smart IoT product.

    Flex builds turn-key IoT solutions for automotive, communication, energy, health, and consumer industry. Enphase, Teradata, CellNovo, GrabIt, etc. are some of its recent IoT products. Flex specializes in crafting industrial IoT solutions too.

  8. Jasper

    Cisco Jasper’s Control Center is a connectivity management IoT platform that automates the management of IoT devices, vehicles and services for your organization.

    Through one dashboard, you will be able to manage, monetize, launch, monitor & distribute all your IoT devices and products if you are using this solution.

    Jasper is a cost-convenient and reliable solution, and hence, can be used by all types of businesses. It helps you secure & scales your devices and products at low costs so that you could offer better user-experience to your customers.

  9. Losant

    Losant is an IoT platform, which helps the enterprises digitize their business. It lets businesses build their own IoT systems.

    This middleware solution enables you to perform edge computation, data visualization, data & device management, and visual workflow creation.

    With it, creating branded user APIs and interfaces will not be a tough deal. Losant emphasizes on letting its business customers deliver an excellent end-user experience.

    It can be used for crafting good, well-connected, easy-to-use, real-time and efficient IoT solutions.

  10. Buddy

    Buddy comprises of Buddy Ohm, Buddy cloud and Parse on Buddy. It is a comprehensive and smart monitoring solution, capable of managing all IoT data in commercial or residential buildings.

    What makes it a considerable part of the future-proof infrastructure is its capability to monitor the consumption of electricity, humidity, water, steam, gas and temperature so that the use of these natural resources could be optimized.

    Other than the above-mentioned functions, Buddy can also control the data accessibility in your corporate building, which makes it a good tool for facility management.

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We hope that this list of 10 IoT solutions will help to meet your industrial needs.

We offer many varieties of product development software to meet your industrial needs such as 3D CAD software and Augmented Reality software.

If you have any enquiries or interest in our various products such as Kepware, do feel free to contact us.

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