Temasek Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC)

Temasek Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC) 1

The Future of Evolving Technology

TP Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC), an applied and skills-based training centre for experiential learning and consultancy, is a vital component in establishing a robust multidisciplinary ecosystem in advanced manufacturing. AI-empowered and digitally driven, it is the place for learning about industry best practices, as well as developing innovative solutions.


Highlights from Partners

PD Solutions was one of the partners involved in setting up Temasek Poly Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC), providing them with solutions in Industry 4.0, covering 3 main areas: Connectivity, IoT platform, and Augmented Reality (AR).  Watch the partner video to find out PD Solutions’ involvement in it!