Can Product Development Process be Faster with CAD Software?

How does CAD allows a faster product development process

CAD Designing is a 5+ billion-dollar market and its value is going to be doubled up by 2023. With CAD Systems finding more and more applications in different industries, the number of 3-D computer-aided design firms and professionals is increasing too.

Are you not yet using it for your business to reduce the time and cost for a product development process?

Well, you should.

Let us introduce you to CAD and how it can help to ensure a more efficient product development process.

What is CAD?

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, Software are for creating 2D and 3D drawings. You can prepare technical documentation, modify designs, analysis existing designs, optimization designs and do more such tasks with it. The main purpose of using this application is to automate the product design and drafting, in order to improve the productivity of designers.

3D CAD Software Applications for a faster product development process

Currently, 3D CAD Software applications are utilized more than Designing tools – obviously, due to their efficiency and advanced capabilities.

Why Use CAD Software to Save Time and Cost on Product Development Process?

CAD Software applications make it smooth for the teams to develop products. Letting them do product modeling, virtual integration, and virtual networking, it reduces the product development cost too. Hence, there are so many designers, drafters, engineers and architects who use 2D/3D CAD Software for designing, drafting, simulation and more. The CAD software will be most relevant in the step 4 of the product development process: Prototype. This step involves developing a sample of your finished product to key figures such as shareholders and clients.

Product design professionals prefer using the CAD software, because –

    • Automation Enhances Productivity

      Designers can easily visualize the design and working for the product to be developed if using CAD Software.

      For example, if you are using the tool PTC CREO, you can easily design, modify, analyze, share and see 2D and 3D arts. It allows direct, parametric and robust assembly modeling alongside technical and freestyle surfacing.

      So, using such applications make it precise for you to develop better products in lesser budget and cost while improving your productivity and reducing design creation time.

    • With CAD, you Don’t Have to Manually Create Documentations for Your Product

      Manually creation the documentation of products is a hectic and time-consuming task. However, with CAD, you can easily prepare product documentation. Allowing you to access geometries, dimensions, components, sub-assemblies and material specifications of the product, it simplifies the task of documenting the product development cycle.

    • Easy Simulation – Improved Design Quality

      CAD can be integrated with a large number of tools. There are multiple aids which could reduce design errors and improve the design quality, while you are crafting your drawing with a CAD tool.

      NCG CAM is one such innovation aid.

      Used for automatic 3D roughing, it can help you in ensuring smooth and well-optimized cutter motion in designs. Products, designed using this tool, are proven to reduce the wear in machining tools. Amusing surface finish and longevity are a few more properties possessed by the products, which are designed using it.

      The best part is – It can work with CAD/CAM, SolidWorks, Creo, IronCAD, etc. At the same time, it works fine as a standalone application too.

    • Collaboration is Easy with it

      When you have multiple remote teams or individuals working on a project, CAD tools come as a blessing in disguise for the designers. It makes collaboration, reviews, change tracking, synchronization and communication easy for all, by offering a cloud-based environment. This makes it possible for people to work faster and without hassles.

    • Efficient Prototyping and Idea Presentation

      As entrepreneurs, nowadays, need to get funding for their projects, they want to illustrate their product as a potential game-changer for their industry. While they can’t do it effectively if using convenient presentation methods, it is possible with 3D illustrations and prototypes.

      There are technical illustration software tools, such as Creo Illustrate, which will let you demonstrate CAD data without troubles.

    • Product Security Enhancement

      As product drawings and designs are well-crafted, virtually tests against errors and precise, they improve product security too.

      Sharing visual information becomes easy with CAD Systems, whether you have to do it within an organization or among several groups. Hence, a quick review is possible. You can share images, MCAD data, PCB designs and documents within your ecosystem while using CAD. However, you might need to integrate or use PTC Creo View with it.

With Creo View, you can design products with better control and higher security. Enhanced model-based definitions and annotations, made available to manufacturing experts, QA engineers, and inspection professionals, help organizations come up with better products.

Other Significant applications of CAD

CAD has a few more applications than we’ve listed above, which are –

  • Animation and Rendering
  • 3D Printing
  • Quick modifications in designs and drawings
  • Re-use and recycling of designs for the existing database

With a good range of add-ons and standalone CAD software available in the market, there is much more your business can do using CAD systems to improve your product development process. With time, there will be more advancements aids coming into the picture. Hence, you can expect its applications to increase and improve only.

Final Word

CAD is a cutting-edge design and simulation tool. It will save you a significant amount of time, money and efforts while ensuring the precision and correction of your drawing and designs. Not only will it improve your product development process by fine automation, but it will also impact the quality of the final product you build.

Not utilizing CAD for your business even if there is a need is going to affect your productivity and revenue adversely, which also decides your market reputation and brand image indirectly. So, if you have not opted for it yet, do it right away.

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