PTC Expands Its Industrial IoT Technology Offering with the Launch of ThingWorx 8

June 06 , 2017

ThingWorx 8 Delivers New Industrial-Focused Platform Features and Introduces Role-Based Manufacturing Apps.

BOSTON, Mass. – May 23, 2017 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced from LiveWorx®17 the newest version of its ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform – ThingWorx 8. With this update, ThingWorx evolves into a more robust, comprehensive Industrial IoT technology offering for businesses looking to accelerate Industrial IoT value. ThingWorx 8 features enhanced platform capabilities, role-specific applications for engineering and manufacturing, a substantial ecosystem of partners and customers, more expansive educational programs, and a new collection of service offerings designed for Industrial IoT customers and partners. ThingWorx 8 will be commercially available on June 8, 2017. More information can be found here.
ThingWorx is one of the fastest, most complete ways for Industrial IoT solution builders to unlock the value of the convergence between the physical and digital worlds. ThingWorx has grown alongside the Industrial IoT market, becoming one of the most widely-used and trusted ways for companies to leverage the Industrial IoT to create smart, connected operations, products, and solutions.

“We have been committed to making ThingWorx the most complete, effective platform for companies to quickly and easily tap into the value of the Industrial IoT,” said Kathleen Mitford, executive vice president, Product and Market Strategy, PTC. “With ThingWorx 8, we are taking ThingWorx beyond its core platform capabilities with new role-based apps for manufacturing. The combination of our market-leading Industrial IoT platform and these new apps are specifically designed to quickly deliver value to companies investing in the Industrial IoT.”

The ThingWorx Platform delivers the functionality, flexibility, and agility that companies need to quickly develop and deploy Industrial IoT apps and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences. This includes industrial connectivity, analytics, application enablement, orchestration, and codeless AR experience authoring.

“The combination of the ThingWorx IoT ecosystem and our existing production systems offers us the connectivity and detailed analytics to rapidly visualize our operations, enabling further productivity and quality improvement,” said Justin Hester, senior researcher, HIROTEC Corporation. “ThingWorx complements HIROTEC’s expertise in world-class manufacturing, as opposed to forcing HIROTEC to adapt to ThingWorx.”
New ThingWorx Platform Capabilities

With ThingWorx 8, the ThingWorx Platform now offers such native platform functionality as industrial connectivity, anomaly detection, and deeper cloud support for leading cloud providers. New features found in ThingWorx 8 have been specifically designed to further the platform’s ability to make the development, deployment, and extension of Industrial IoT applications quick and easy.
In addition to these capabilities, ThingWorx Studio now supports native authoring and publishing of AR experiences for Microsoft HoloLens. ThingWorx Studio is a codeless authoring environment that enables content creators to quickly create, deploy, and consume AR experiences. With ThingWorx Studio in ThingWorx 8, content creators and developers can use the codeless AR development capabilities of ThingWorx Studio to quickly create clear, compelling experiences for the Microsoft HoloLens.
Introducing ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Building off of the success of the ThingWorx Navigate™ app, PTC is introducing a new lineup of apps for manufacturing that make it easier for companies to realize value and benefit from greater agility in their operations. The ThingWorx manufacturing apps are fast to deploy, offer role-based intelligence for proactive, faster decision making, allow for codeless app extensibility for continued innovation, and can be downloaded for free and deployed in production in under one hour. The ThingWorx manufacturing apps consist of:
- ThingWorx Controls Advisor – remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity.
- ThingWorx Asset Advisor – remotely monitor physical assets in real-time, automatically detect anomalies, and trigger alerts to improve efficiency and quality.
- ThingWorx Production Advisor – provide real-time visibility and insight into production line performance and status.

PTC is committed to the success of the companies choosing ThingWorx. As part of the ThingWorx 8 release, PTC Customer Success has introduced new services, available now, to help companies onboard and rapidly deploy ThingWorx. These services are part of the Customer Success organization’s comprehensive portfolio of advisory, implementation, adoption, support, and success management services to accelerate value from ThingWorx.

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