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Data Center Simulation software enables the use of a virtual model representing the data center and its external infrastructures such as the chillers, generators, and cooling towers to perform various tasks including the calculation of air temperatures, speeds, and pressures both in the white space and outside it.


6SigmaDCX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool that provides increased levels of productivity for data center design, troubleshooting and operation. With its user interface designed with the help of data center professionals, DCX gives you the power of a best-in-class solution paired with an easy-to-use UI to model with greater accuracy on an accelerated time frame. Combine this with DCX’s unique ‘Virtual Facility’, and you have the full power of CFD at your fingertips. DCX enables you to prototype multiple designs in your very own virtual testing ground – the Virtual Facility. Whether you are designing a new data center or planning expansions for an existing one, simulation offers you peace of mind that your design will work without leaving it to chance. The VF will enable you to push your designs to the limit. The user-friendly 6SigmaDCX is a must-have tool for data center designers, managers, and operators.

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