Manufacturing Simulation


Product Information for Manufacturing Simulation

Manufacturing Simulation software uses virtual models to reproduce the processesof an existing or proposed production system, like metal casting and sheet metal forming. Companies will be able to evaluate the efficiency of manufacturing systems and changes to safety test processes, which will help to improve throughput and profitability.


Cast-Designer is a software package specially designed for metal casting business, includes the casting part design and evaluation, mould design and validation and production optimization. This is based on upfront design and analysis technology which allows the conducting of fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification analysis with the integration of expert system and CAE technology.

It is a tailor-made design planning & simulation system for all casting processes and can be used for high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity casting for sand, gravity casting for permanent mould, investment casting, and many others. With a groundbreaking technology to accelerate design processes, Cast-Designer ensures the industry’s achievement of ‘time-to-market’.


Form-Advisor is the first incremental-based design and CAE solution for sheet metal forming fully integrated with MCAD systems, providing the most accurate and feasible results for automotive and progressive die stamping which can ensure the achievement of ‘Time To Market’.

It boasts built-in process design capabilities for rapidly creating, validating and comparing design solutions. It is the easiest, fastest, powerful solution to bringing CAE validation to the daily design process. The software is based on the familiar CAD environment for all design activates and CAE simulation, eliminating the gap of CAD and CAE, which reducing the learning curve to a minimum. Users do not need prior knowledge of computer-aided design software to use Form-Advisor.

Useful Materials on Cast-Designer and Form-Advisor

Cast-Designer v7 Overview (PDF)
Cast-Designer for Die Casting (PDF)
Cast-Designer for Gravity Casting (PDF)
Cast-Designer for Investment Casting (PDF)
Form-Advisor Brochure (PDF)