PTC Creo Layout


Product Information for PTC Creo Layout

With the Creo Layout, you will be able to integrate your 2D designs into 3D with ease in conjunction with the Creo Parametric. With this enhanced ability, you would not need to spend too much designing a product. Create a 2D conceptual design using a wide variety of sketching and manipulation tools. Trace imported raster images from your 2D design to generate a sketch.

This software allows for concurrent layout design such that designers can divide large designs into smaller segments, then decide to work on that segment independently or in the context of the whole design.

For product designers requiring to meet the demands of clients for a final 3D design deliverable but at the same time, not willing to sacrifice speed and flexibility offered by 2D CAD in the early concept phase, this is worth the purchase.

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Useful Materials on PTC Creo Layout

Creo Layout Datasheet (PDF)

Successful Applications on PTC Creo Layout

KTM (motorsports)
College Park (prosthetics)
University of Tokyo (artificial heart)
Aristides Guitars
University of Minnesota (Solar Vehicle)
DMG Mori
Britax (Harness-2-Booster seats)
CNB Yachts

PTC Creo Layout At Work

PTC Creo Layout in Action – PTC