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Product Information for PTC Creo View

Creo View is a product viewer that allows for virtually effortless collaboration internally and with partners and suppliers outside the organization.

Users will have access to multiple forms of engineering data such as 3D CAD models and electrical schematics, allowing them to easily share information between themselves and other stakeholders.

It makes the comparison and validation process easy, with single-view interrogation of mechanical and electrical design, project and part data.

PTC Creo View offers a range of viewing options. These consist of the MCAD, ECAD, and the Lite version.

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Creo View MCAD

Creo View MCAD visualizes in 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality. It supports full visual product collaboration and traceable feedback. You will have easier work experience with an automated design comparison, validation, and interference analysis.

Creo View ECAD

Creo View ECAD allows you to share and visualize PCB data from all major EDA tools, drawings, and documents. It provides a unified way for extended design teams to work closely together throughout the design process and achieve the goal of reducing or eliminating potential rework

Creo View Lite

Creo View Lite allows marketing, management, and other non-engineering teams single-click access to 3D models, drawings, images, and documents. With such quick access, it reduces rework and improves decision-making.

Useful Materials on PTC Creo View

Creo View MCAD Datasheet (PDF)
Creo View ECAD Datasheet (PDF)
PTC Creo View Lite

Successful Applications of PTC Creo View

KTM (motorsports)
College Park (prosthetics)
Aristides Guitars
University of Minnesota (Solar Vehicle)
DMG Mori
Britax (Harness-2-Booster seats)
CNB Yachts

PTC Creo View at Work

PTC Creo View MCAD – PTC Creo Showcase