Product Information for SIMATIC IT Preactor AP

SIMATIC IT Preactor AP imports current stock levels plus actual and forecast demand. It then considers rough-cut capacity, packs forward figures, target days of stock cover, manufacturing preferences, minimum/maximum re-order quantities, re-order multiples, product shelf life, etc. to propose an accurate and achievable MPS.

Production capacity can be specified as a quantity, duration or weight. By using the Preactor calendar system capacity, production capacity can be varied over time. The capacity available then limits the production volume created in each period.

Once an initial Master Production Schedule (MPS) has been created, the data can be displayed as both stock profile graphs and capacity usage graphs. The MPS can be changed by simply clicking and dragging a point on the stock or capacity graphs, and the production of a particular item can be moved from one planning period to another. Any changes made will be reflected in all the linked plot and grid windows.

SIMATIC IT Preactor AP consists of many powerful features. BOM (Bill of Materials) Level Planning allows an in-depth calculation of proposed material purchase requirements and then export it to an ERP system. Make-To-Order Planning allows manufacturers to quickly assess the ability to meet new requirements whenever there is a change in demand. Make-To-Stock planning allows the production capacity to be varied over time.

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Useful Material on SIMATIC IT Preactor AP

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