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Thermal Simulation is a key element of the engineering design process. The benefit of the thermal simulation software allows companies to overcome thermal design challenges and meeting technical requirements with unparalleled intelligence, automation, and accuracy.


6SigmaET is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool that brings new levels of productivity to electronics cooling design. It uses advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create accurate models of electronic equipment and is designed specifically for the electronics industry. Yet, due to its versatility, the thermal simulation software is used widely by different industries such as Aerospace and Automotive.

Thanks to its ease-of-use, it overcomes many of the problems that have plagued analysis tools from the beginning and thus, resulting in design productivity and a shortened learning curve. Existing CAD and PCB design data can be imported and used to create models in the fastest time possible. Boasting substantial automation and intelligence, 6SigmaET ushers in unparalleled intelligence, functionality, and accuracy to help you meet your requirements and overcome thermal design challenges, and is already being used by a global community of design engineers.

6SigmaET Release 16

6SigmaET Release Brochure (PDF)

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6SigmaET Brochure (PDF)
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6SigmaET Release 16

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