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Product Information for ThingWorx Navigate

ThingWorx Navigate provides a complete, contextual, up-to-date, and accurate product data from systems of record like PLM, ALM, and others – without complex user experiences, lengthy training, inflexible integration projects, or long-term customizations.

Leveraging ThingWorx technology, ThingWorx Navigate apps let more stakeholders across the enterprise access product data from multiple enterprise systems to view important data such as parts list and design files, all these in a modern, intuitive user interface.

Any stakeholder in the product’s lifecycle can access the latest, most accurate product information to drive better product decisions – with a user experience that is as simple and straightforward as the average smartphone app.

Speaking of smartphone apps, you will be able to access the apps from any device of your choice, whether it is from a smartphone, tablet or a computer, through ThingWorx Mobile Builder.

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Useful Materials on ThingWorx Navigate

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