Topology Optimization


Product Information for Topology Optimization

CAESS ProTOP is a standalone topology optimization software that takes as input FNF and INP files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus and SolidWorks® Simulation, respectively.

Its features include:

  • Based on custom finite elements, developed in-house especially for topology optimization
  • FEA – highly parallelized code, high performance sparse solver
  • Optimizer – a hybrid evolutionary/level-set optimizer, highly parallelized code
  • Shell (envelope) and lattice structure generation from solid parts
  • Semi-contact and semi-plastic finite elements
  • Easy modeling of pin joints, bolt/rivet fastening, and similar contact situations
  • Simple and easy to use user interface; fully interactive optimization process

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ProTOp/CI Basic Information (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Lattice Tools Information (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Data Sheet (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Features Explained (PDF)

ProTOp in Action