Topology Optimization


Product Information for Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization software is used to find out the best distribution of material, taking into consideration a specific set of loads, boundary conditions and constraints related to the goal of maximizing the performance of the system.


CAESS ProTOp is a standalone topology optimization software that takes as input FNF and INP files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus and SolidWorks® Simulation, respectively. Its renewed user interface is intuitive, easy-to-use and provides a greater interactive optimization process. The new FEA process management offers a wide variety of material options and better handling with them. With the latest version, there is a renewed internal data format to allow for faster execution and more optimization options. Improvement of tools such as smoothing and export gives design engineers an added advantage in the product development process.

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Useful Materials on Topology Optimization Software

ProTOp/CI Features (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Lattice and Shell Tools Information (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Data Sheet (PDF)
ProTOp/CI Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Successful Applications of CAESS ProTOp

Loudspeaker Holder (PDF)
Hip Implant in Femur Bone (PDF)
GE Jet Engine Bracket (PDF)
Oil Pan Eigenfrequency Maximization (PDF)

CAESS ProTOp at Work

CAESS ProTOp 5.0 – Mixed Optimization