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Vuforia Chalk is an Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance tool that brings technicians and experts together to rapidly solve complex problems in a powerful and intuitive way. It allows a rapid transfer of problem-solving guidance and expertise to equipment operations and service teams.

Both technicians and experts can accurately draw up digital annotations to highlight details or guide solutions on a specific task. In this way, experts will be able to guide technicians through a step-by-step work process. Annotations stick where they draw. This will ensure that ad-hoc instructions are precise and clear.

The real-time user experience of Vuforia Chalk allows newer workers to pick up the required skills from the experts faster. Newer workers will have better information retention and accuracy with close guidance from the experts.

Vuforia Chalk is the market-leading AR tool that will put businesses at an advantage. It works as an application on iOS and Android devices, which means the industry experts and technicians can communicate with each other at any time and anywhere. With such convenience, its efficiency saves time on collaboratives between personnel, making this product cost-effective.

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What’s New on Vuforia Chalk

Multi-Expert Sessions on Vuforia Chalk supports up to 5 participants in one session, allowing frontline workers to connect to multiple remote experts for better troubleshooting support in unexpected situations. Multi-Expert Sessions enables improved communication across regionally distributed teams by facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing with the front -line.

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