Windchill MPMLink


Product Information for Windchill MPMLink

Windchill MPMLink – an integral PLM application designed for manufacturing engineers – is an ideal solution because it gives manufacturing engineers the tools they need to digitally design and manage all of their process plan deliverables concurrently with design. Process plans can be then reviewed and analysed through an easy-to-use interactive Gantt Chart.

When Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) could be done in sync with Engineering, operating on the same design data, it could positively impact product cost, the accuracy of manufacturing deliverables, and development cycle time. This software will enhance the efficiency of manufacturing engineers, associatively link mBOM (Manufacturing Bill of Materials) software to the source engineering design information, so that mBOMs always reflect Engineering’s current design.

Windchill MPMLink at Work

Windchill MPMLink – PTC