Windchill PDMLink


Product Information for Windchill PDMLink

Windchill PDMLink is a Web-based, industry-proven Product Data Management (PDM) system that supports geographically dispersed teams while managing critical processes such as content, change and configuration management. PTC Windchill PDMLink allows you to create and manage product structure views such as “As-Designed” and “As-Planned,” thereby optimizing configuration management.

Windchill PDMLink’s features and benefits include:

  • Global access: Enables Web-based access to a current product data management repository
  • Seamless connections: Enables access to multiple mechanical/electrical CAD applications, embedded software tools, desktop applications and ERP systems
  • Prevents design errors: Controls and automates product development processes, improving quality and reliability
  • Improved innovation: Facilitates rapid development of new products with powerful configurations tools
  • Complete integration: Works with PTC Mathcad, Integrity, Servigistics Arbortext, Creo and Windchill ProjectLink for cross-enterprise collaboration

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Windchill PDMLink At Work