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Product Information for Windchill ProjectLink

With Windchill ProjectLink, you can securely harness the talents and energy of the entire team — inside or outside your firewall. By creating a virtual workspace, Windchill ProjectLink provides instant access to the right product and project management information at the right time. This will keep the team aligned, on track and moving forward to cope with the demands of today’s global environment. Using pre-built, workflow-driven project and document templates, Windchill ProjectLink helps to ensure that cross-functional processes are in accordance with prescribed standards. This software is ideal for manufacturing market segments such as Industrial Products and Medical Devices.

Windchill ProjectLink’s features and benefits include:

  • Automates key business processes — Optimizes new product introduction, Six Sigma, and Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Fully Integrated — Works with numerous mechanical and electrical CAD solutions, Microsoft Office applications and Windows desktop
  • Accelerated time-to-market — Provides real-time visibility to current documents, parts and plan information
  • Improved innovation — Optimizes real-time group collaboration, both inside and outside your firewall
  • Seamless integration — Works with Creo and Windchill PDMLink for all cross-enterprise activities

Having such features and benefits, Windchill ProjectLink allows manufacturers to take their product development to the next level of efficiency, innovation, and quality.

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