Mathcad Prime 4.0 Essentials

Course Title: Mathcad Prime 4.0 Essentials

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Course Code: TRN-5140-T
Course Length: TRN-5140-T
Date: 12 May, 2020 - 13 May, 2020
Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Address: 1-04-04 eGate, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor, Penang Malaysia


In this course, you will learn the basics of Mathcad Prime. You will learn about Mathcad Prime’s extensive functionality, such as opening and working with Mathcad files, navigating workspaces, defining variables and expressions, and solving equations. In addition, you will learn how to plot graphs, solve for roots, and manipulate data. At the end of each module, you will complete a set of review questions to reinforce critical topics from that module. At the end of the course,you will complete a course assessment in PTC University Proficiency intended to evaluate your understanding of the course as a whole. This course has been developed using Mathcad Prime 4.0.

Course Objectives

  •  Open and save Mathcad files
  •  Navigate the Mathcad workspace
  •  Develop Mathcad templates
  •  Identify and format math and text regions
  •  Develop and edit math expressions
  •  Define, evaluate, and use variables
  •  Assign an expression retroactively
  •  Define and evaluate user-defined and built-in functions
  •  Define, evaluate, and use range variables
  •  Use units in calculations
  •  Plot 2-D and 3-D graphs
  •  Solve for the roots of a function with a single independent variable
  •  Symbolically solve equations
  •  Numerically solve a system of linear and nonlinear equations
  •  Solve unconstrained and constrained optimization problems


  • None


• This class is intended for novice and intermediate Mathcad users. People in related roles will also benefit from taking this course.


Day 1

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Documenting and Formatting

Module 3: Entering and Editing Math

Module 4: Variables

Module 5: Functions

Module 6: Range Variables

Module 7: Controlling Calculations

Module 8: Vectors and Matrices

Module 9: Units

Module 10: 2-D Plotting

Module 11: Project – Day 1

Day 2

Module 12: 3-D Plotting

Module 13: Boolean Conditions

Module 14: Symbolics

Module 15: Solving

Module 16: Optimization

Module 17: Differential Equations

Module 18: Programming

Module 19: Data Exchange

Module 20: Data Analysis

Module 21: Project – Day 2