Mechanism Simulation Using Creo Parametric 4.0

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  • Course Code: TRN-5122-T
  • Course Length: 1 Days
  • Date: Feb 02 2018 - Feb 02 2018
  • Time: 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Address: 1-04-04 e-Gate, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor, Penang


In this course, you will focus on learning advanced modeling and analysis skills. Topics will include developing the 3-D model, analyzing the mechanism model, and evaluating results. This course is designed for those with experience who want to add motion to their products and analyze dynamic reactions of moving components. These topics will enable you to measure dynamic reactions of components, measure the force required to keep a mechanism balanced, and determine the resting state of a mechanism. After completing this course, you will be prepared to work on mechanism designs using Creo Parametric Mechanism Dynamics Option (MDO).

At the end of each module, you will complete a set of review questions to reinforce critical topics from that module. At the end of the course, you will complete a course assessment in PTC University Proficiency intended to evaluate your understanding of the course as a whole.

This course has been developed using Creo Parametric 4.0.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the mechanism dynamics options
  • Apply force motors, springs, and dampers to assemblies
  • Apply forces, torques, and gravity to assemblies
  • Create dynamic analyses
  • Create static analyses
  • Measure forces, velocities, accelerations, and other reactions
  • Evaluate results


  • Introduction to Creo Parametric
  • Mechanism Design using Creo Parametric


  • This course is intended for design engineers and mechanical designers who need to add and evaluate the motion of their assemblies. People in related roles will also benefit from taking this course.


Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Mechanism Simulation Process
  • Module 2: Adding Dynamic Entities to a Mechanism
  • Module 3: Analyzing the Mechanism Model
  • Module 4: Evaluating Analysis Results
  • Module 5: Project